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Modern Forms introduces Konstrukt Pendant

Modern Forms
Port Washington, NY—   A sculpture of side-lit interlocking panels renders a thought-provoking aesthetic, with the new Konstrukt Pendant from Modern Forms.
Barely visible powered aircraft cables add intrigue. Subtle, ambient illumination draws attention to this floating work of modern art.
Interlocking panels forged seamlessly together at variant angles create a one-of-a-kind look and design while a slide-on canopy complement this 48-inch luminaire. Each panel features edge-lit ambient illumination, providing a distinct look at every angle.
Dims down beautifully with ELV, TRIAC and 0-10V dimmers.
About Modern Forms
Modern Forms starts every concept where the future begins. All-LED luminaires and smart fans seize upon the most cutting-edge technology and design trends to illuminate and refresh your home, workplace, hotel or restaurant for years. No matter how big or small, each piece is designed to simplify your life and to elevate your everyday experience.
Modern Forms pushes the limits of what’s possible, and abandoning the adornments and inefficiencies of the past for a more intelligent luxury, one that adapts to you and your needs.  At the core of every design is breakthrough technology. The most efficient, longest-lasting, cutting-edge luminaires and smart fans are created through rigorous product testing and by heavily investing in research and development. Whether it’s our unrivaled LEDs, sensor-less and silent DC motors, or an exclusive app designed for multiple home integrations and customizable cloud-based smart controls, every product is built beyond the present moment for the ultimate modern experience.
The Modern Forms aesthetic is distinctly minimalist, with subtle influences of Scandinavia and Mid-Century design—a sophisticated perspective that never goes out of style. With an eye on the contemporary design community, the brand anticipates new desires and defines the trends that fulfill them. Nothing is ever compromised. Every piece is effortless, uncomplicated and honest in its execution, seductive in its shape.
Luxury materials can be described in two ways—how they look and how they last. Across the luminaire and smart fan collections, you’ll see a host of upscale materials—sparkling seeded crystal painstakingly cut by expert craftsmen, artisanal Piastra glass, 24K gold leaf, and more.
Modern Forms can be reached at 1-866-810-6615 or by visiting or by visiting
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