Arlington Industries, Inc.
Versatile, Stud-Mount Outlet Box

Versatile, Stud-Mount Outlet Box

Fast and easy to install, Arlington’s versatile outlet box is the ONE-BOX™ for new or old work. It mounts directly to a wood or steel stud for a super secure installation. Angled screws inside the ONE-BOX affix it firmly to the stud. It has no “wings” so there’s no wobble.

If ONE-BOX is set too far forward or back in new work, no problem! Just back out the screws and quickly move it into position.

In old work, ONE-BOX provides a secure installation, mounting directly to the stud – rather than to just the drywall.

Single-, two-, three- and four-gang, ONE-BOX includes installed NM cable connectors. The single gang box has an extra-large 22 cubic inch capacity.

  • UL Listed, 2-Hour Fire Rating
  • Horizontal and vertical styles
  • Optional low voltage separator for multiple gang boxes
Temporary Light Strings and Area Lighting
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