BURNDY® WILEY Cable Hanger (WCH) Family

BURNDY® WILEY Cable Hanger (WCH) Family

The WILEY Cable Hanger family is designed specifically to support cables via mounting or wire management holes in either the module frame or secured around a tracker bolt in a fast, easy one-step hook application.

The WCH models are compatible with all common module frame geometries including First Solar Series 6. Additionally, the WCH2B10 cotter pin hook design is set at a 90° angle aligning with the torque tube thus making it ideal for use with bi-facial panels.

The round cross-section of the hanger ensures the cable insulation is protected from chafing in high wind and tracker applications.

Offered in either stainless or galvanized steel construction, both provide a solution made to last the lifetime of the installation. The round bundle compartment securely holds runs of up to 8 or 20 wires up to 8mm in diameter without allowing significant shifting from tracker movement or wind.
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