BURNDY® Grounding Kits Conveniently Packaged Components

BURNDY® Grounding Kits Conveniently Packaged Components

Our Grounding Kits offer conveniently packaged components which simplify the decision-making process at material acquisition and installation on the job site. Our new Grounding Kits bundle the same quality UL Listed connectors you trust, with value-adding components such as: conductor, installation hardware, oxide inhibitor, labeling and installation instructions as an example.

The kits are available in multiple variations and can be customized for your specific requirements upon request. Some applications where our Grounding Kits can help you ‘get it together’ are: Busbar Kits (on-rail or in-cabinet), Ladder and Tray Kits, Wire Basket Tray Bonding Jumper Kits. Contact your local BURNDY field sales representative or Customer Service for more information.
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