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Kichler TE Pro Series of Extruded Aluminum Channels

Kichler TE Pro Series of Extruded Aluminum Channels

In addition to the Standard and Enhanced lines of extruded channels Kichler Lighting offers, the TE Pro Series is a step up from a simple lighting effect to the integration of light throughout sophisticated designs and applications. Here, aluminum is extruded into shapes which represent design elements such as crown molding or baseboards. Many TE Pro Series extrusions are designed so that dry wall mud can be applied, resulting in a built-in lighting effect – floor to ceiling. These channels are often intended for new construction by incorporating a designer and/or architect to the project, as well as in retrofit applications for true integration.  
With 20 TE Pro configurations, these channels go beyond a linear accessory or accent as they help to illuminate:

  • Modern, frameless cabinets or exposed shelves
  • Open closet configurations
  • Integrated wall, ceiling or floor installations
  • Crown or cove lighting
  • Custom sconces or chandeliers
  • Stair treads
  • Floors
Like the Standard and Enhanced channels, the Pro Series channels have varying depths and features like snap-in lenses. The line also offers metal end caps for a polished look. Similar to wood trim, most of these extrusions can be cut and reconfigured into varying shapes or suspended as a custom pendant.
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