BURNDY Wiley TELECOM WEEB® WASHER - Equipment Bonding

BURNDY Wiley TELECOM WEEB® WASHER - Equipment Bonding

The WILEY Telecom WEEB® Washer is an innovative design which utilizes patented WEEB® Washer teeth that eliminate the need to remove nonconductive coatings (e.g. paint and powder coat) when making a bonding connection.

The WEEB® teeth pierce through most nonconductive coatings and embed into the underlying metal thus creating a bonding connection between the lug and the coated metal component that it is installed on (e.g. equipment racks, cabinets, enclosures, cable tray, etc.).

Not having to remove nonconductive coatings will save on installation time, create a cleaner work environment and most importantly, prevent improper coating removal techniques that can lead to poor connections
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