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Get best-in-class LED performance with the next generation of our proven Areamaster™ LED

Get best-in-class LED performance with the next generation of our proven Areamaster™ LED

The newly redesigned Appleton™ Areamaster™ Generation 2 LED by Emerson provides greater versatility, with models from 9,000 to 38,000 lumens and a choice of beam patterns to meet your diverse floodlighting needs. Featuring new optic designs for superior uniformity and coverage, Areamaster™ Generation 2 LED luminaires provide HID equivalent lighting that saves over 75 percent in energy costs and greatly increases luminaire uptime while reducing maintenance burdens.

The Areamaster™ Generation 2 LED provides superior secondary optics to deliver lumens evenly and efficiently to floodlit areas without excess glare, hotspots, overspill, light pollution or wasted energy. Optic assemblies are fully gasketed to ensure board-level protection against dust and water ingress.

Our NEMA 7x6 optic is the perfect choice for retrofitting HID to newer, more efficient LED floodlights, providing a nearly identical beam spread and forward throw to enable one-for-one replacement without uniformity problems. For high poles or applications requiring more focused light, our NEMA 5x5 optic offers a 90° beam angle to deliver maximum footcandles efficiently where you need them, without wasted light or overspill.

Areamaster™ Generation 2 LED luminaires are easy to retrofit using the same slipfitters and pole brackets as your existing Appleton™ HID floodlights. Rugged and corrosion-resistant, they are certified for Class I, Division 2, Class II, and ATEX/IECEx Zone 2, 22 hazardous locations and rated for use in marine and wet locations for a versatile floodlighting solution with the Appleton™ performance you trust.

Whatever your application requires, Areamaster™ Generation 2 LED delivers.
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