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HPS Announces Launch of NMX-J-351-1-ANCE-2021 Compliant Low & Medium Voltage Distribution Transformers

Hammond Power Solutions
August 15, 2022

HPS has announced the availability of a complete line of low voltage and medium voltage distribution transformers compliant with the new NMX-J-351-1-ANCE-2021 regulation.

The Secretariat of Economy in Mexico, released the new NMX-J-351-1-ANCE-2021 standard on February 11, 2022. This standard establishes higher efficiency levels, general safety requirements, specifications and test methods for LV and MV distribution transformers and replaces NMX-J-351-1-ANCE-2016. The new efficiency levels are expected to reduce energy losses by an average of 18% in low voltage dry-type transformers and 13% for medium voltage dry-type transformers over current efficiency levels. As of August 10, 2022, the country's residential, commercial and industrial applications may comply with these specifications and safety requirements.

HPS low voltage and medium voltage (power) distribution transformer provide a high level of quality and service that has become synonymous with HPS. These transformers are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications including commercial, industrial and renewable energy. Our complete line of NMX-J-351-1-ANCE-2021 compliant low and medium voltage dry-type transformers include:

Low Voltage

  • General Purpose, K-Factor and Harmonic Mitigating
  • Ratings from 15-333kVA single phase; 15-1000kVA three phase
  • Copper or Aluminum windings
  • Standard 10kV BIL rating for increase reliability and protection against critical equipment failure
  • Standard integral floor and wall mounting brackets up to 45kVA for faster installation

Medium Voltage

  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI) or Cast Resin
  • HPS Millennium G -VPI, up to 5kV Class
  • HPS Millennium E/C – VPI, 34MVA and 45kV Class
  • HPS EnduraCoil, Cast Resin, up to 34.5kV Class
  • Type 1, 2, 3R, 3RE, 4, & 12 enclosure options including stainless steel and various colours
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