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Stahlin® Pole Mount Kit Expansion

Stahlin® Pole Mount Kit Expansion

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
The new Stahlin Pole Mount Kits are ideal for diverse industrial and commercial applications including electrical junction and control, communications, monitoring, security, and more!

They are designed for use with the most popular Stahlin Enclosures product families including the J Series, Diamond Shield®, Classic Series, and PolyStar® and are for use in applications where customers are mounting enclosures to poles or posts.  These kits easily accommodate a wide variety of pole materials and applications. Manufactured with corrosion-resistant brackets and hardware, they are ideal for contractors and installers when mounting enclosures in pole or post mount applications.

Mounting enclosures is now easier because Stahlin Pole Mount Kits provide a flexible, adjustable mounting strap and brackets to precisely fit the enclosure dimension that is mounted perpendicular to the pole. Stahlin Pole Mount Kits come with gray powder-coated carbon steel top and bottom flanges, stainless steel straps, and mounting hardware. The adjustable stainless-steel straps are designed to fit 5” – 12” diameter poles and for use with Stahlin Enclosure sizes from 6”x6” up to 24”x24”, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Features and benefits:
  • Increased Productivity - Bundled Kit contains all components needed for mounting an enclosure to a pole or post. Save labor, time, and cost by eliminating the need for customer fabrication of mounting solution

  • Versatility - Adjustable mounting strap accommodates a wide variety of pole shapes and sizes (5”-12” diameter) for easy installation that saves time.

  • Durability - They are manufactured with corrosion-resistant brackets and hardware offering excellent protection from the environment, which prevents need for frequent replacement and reduces maintenance cost.

Ordering Information:
  • Catalog Numbers - New and existing Pole Mount Kit catalog numbers follow existing standard nomenclature:  Prefix “PM” are followed by numeric indication of standard enclosure width.  Kits are flexible and can accommodate multiple box sizes.  The nomenclature accounts for this.  Example: Catalog number PM6-8 is for use with enclosures in either 6” or 8” width.  For convenience, a selection chart is included in the brochure.

  • Availability - Pole Mount Kits are produced from component stock and typically ship within 3 weeks

  • Samples can be ordered through your local sales representative or by contacting

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