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Stahlin Enclosures Provides Aesthetic And Product Performance Solutions For Water/Wastewater OEM

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
Stahlin® Enclosures –- the world's most specified non-metallic electrical and industrial enclosures --- announces the release of a new case study featuring solutions for the water/wastewater industry, available for download at no obligation by visiting:

This case study highlights HydroClear™ Pro 95 from Full Circle Water® --- a closed loop recycling system featuring an all-in-one design that saves floor space by eliminating the need for a separate holding tank. One of the criteria for selection of an enclosure to protect system components was the need to incorporate eye-catching visual, digitally-printed graphics. Another requirement was that the enclosure should be Made-In-The-USA.

Consequently, Full Circle Water® selected Stahlin® Enclosures as its supplier of a J2020 fiberglass enclosure to meet its challenges for protecting critical instrumentation and electrical components.

This case study features testimonial statements from Full Circle Water® detailing how Stahlin® provided a reliable enclosure solution including a digitally printed cover with a full-color image of the American flag.

The Stahlin® J-Series was designed as an industrial enclosure for harsh, aggressive environments. Originally developed as an electrical junction box for the oil refining and petrochem industries, the J-Series has evolved over the years into a versatile industrial enclosure with varied applications for use from high-end electronics to extreme corrosive applications both indoors and out.

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