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Stahlin Enclosures Provides A Unique Custom Enclosure Solution To Protect Industrial Truck Controls

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
The Situation:
A major industrial truck manufacturer was faced with a problem. An enclosure was needed to protect sensitive controls housed on their trucks.
The Challenge:
This enclosure would be constantly subjected to extremely aggressive environments that included severe vibrations, excessive dirt and salt, and water exposure that would be both splashed and hose-directed.
The enclosure used needed to withstand all of the above environmental pressures.
To the surprise of the truck OEM, no enclosure manufacturer was interested in helping because of the atypical demands of this application.
That is --- until they contacted Stahlin® Enclosures.

The Solution:
Stahlin® Enclosures are the world's most specified non-metallic electrical and industrial enclosures. Stahlin® was the original pioneer of the fiberglass enclosure and has been an innovation leader for nearly 60 years. As a result, engineers and designers at Stahlin® were quick to accept and solve the challenge faced by the truck company.

The solution began with a standard off-the-shelf Stahlin® Classic 11 x 9 x 6 inches CL1109HPL fiberglass enclosure.

Then, with engineers from both organizations working together, the expert customizing began at the vertically-integrated Stahlin® manufacturing and modifications facility in Belding, Michigan.

The enclosure was cut in half, then glued back together with a fiberglass flange in-between the sections. The back half of the modified enclosure housed and protected all required electronics in watertight safety conditions. The front half contained all control instrumentation, buttons and switches, reliably enclosed so as to resist frequent blasts of hose-directed water used to clean off debris left after workers with dirty gloves regularly accessed the control panel.

Also included in the modified enclosure: customized windows to enhance ease and accuracy of use, plus a mounting system for the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Extensive testing both in the laboratory and the field proved that this uniquely customized enclosure provided proven performance and more than met the many atypical application demands placed on its use.
About The Stahlin® Classic Series:
The Stahlin® Classic Series was developed for high-end electronics manufacturers who required both toughness and durability together with modern styling, pleasing aesthetics, and smooth rounded edges. Ranging in size from 7” x 7” to 15” x 13” these fiberglass enclosures, protected by patented UV-resistant SolarGuard®, are ideally suited for high visibility locations in both industrial and commercial applications. The Stahlin® Classic Series includes a flush-fitting cover with a bonded gasket for reliable sealing protection. A unique hidden hinge design enables hinging on both the long and short side. An optional mounting foot kit is available. The Stahlin® Classic Series is Rated Type 1, 3, 3R, 3S, 4X, 12, and is UL/cUL/CSA Listed.
For Additional Information:
Stahlin® Enclosures are the world's highest-proven-quality and most specified non-metallic enclosures available to OEM's of diverse industries through electrical product distributors. For nearly 60 years, since Stahlin® pioneered the first fiberglass enclosures, we have been the leading innovative solutions-provider for users of NEMA 4X fiberglass and polycarbonate enclosures. Stahlin® Enclosures provides the largest standard product range in the industry, and the widest range of customized and factory-modified non-metallic enclosures available in the industry. Competitive pricing is supported by vertically-integrated Made-In-The-USA manufacturing and speed-of-delivery made possible through thousands of stocking distributors in all 50 states and major cities.
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