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Cii’s Underfloor Systems Provide Flexible Plug and Play Power

Communications Integrators, Inc.
Allows fast and convenient reconfiguration  

New Bedford, MA (March 2020) – Designed as a fully engineered modular solution aimed at increasing a building’s flexibility, Cii’s complete “plug and play” electrical solution provides power and data to offices, workstations, and conference rooms, in raised floor applications. The entire underfloor system is UL listed to be plugged and unplugged under load, and all components have been meticulously designed, developed, and tested to ensure that overall performance exceeds applicable UL, ETL, and CSA standards. This allows buildings to make moves, additions, and changes (MAC) without shutting the entire electrical system down and disrupting productivity and profitability.

Additional benefits of underfloor systems include:

Labor Savings: Contractors can save up to 75% in labor costs with factory-assembled components over conventional pipe and wire installations. Reconfigurations and relocations are also easier, faster, and less costly because replacement of the electrical system is not required (as in conventional overhead ceiling installations).

Flexibility: The system’s modularity provides businesses with the maximum flexibility to safely and aesthetically provide power throughout work spaces.

Safer: Cii’s underfloor solution is premanufactured and delivered to the site in JIT stages, meaning less material handling on the jobsite. Everything simply snaps into place and is grounded and safe before it’s energized.

The components consist of:
  • Home run cables bring power from the building source to the Power Distribution Module (PDM), which can contain up to 18 circuits.
  • PowerMate™Transition cables carry up to 6 circuits each to the point of use, PVD ServicCenter, or other termination point.
  • Cii PVD ServicCenter™ access floor box is UL listed to plug and play under load. It comes in square and round versions to comply with most commercial air diffuser sizes. Cii gets businesses back to work exponentially faster than traditional construction methods.
About Cii
Communications Integrators, Inc. (Cii) is North America’s leader in the design and manufacturing of modular power, voice, and data solutions for tomorrow’s infrastructures. Cii’s flexible designs and comprehensive product line significantly increase building value while promoting environmentally sound practices. With Cii, clients are enabled to outperform sustainability expectations and stay ahead of the innovation curve. As a member of the US Green Building Council, Cii participates in supporting the goals of creating a healthy environment.
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