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AFC Cable Systems® Announces Launch of Power Limited Fire Alarm® Cable

AFC Cable Systems / Atkore International
Mechanically protected for ease of installation and reduced call backs

New Bedford, MA – Fire alarm systems and codes have become incrementally more complex with the advent of voiceover commands, emergency notification advancements, and the proliferation of smart devices. AFC Cable Systems®, a leading manufacturer of electrical products, announced the launch of its Power Limited Fire Alarm® Cable, mechanically protected with low-smoke PVC jacketed individual pairs for easy installation. Its multiple copper conductors make the Power Limited Fire Alarm Cable ideal for fire alarm wiring or remote control hook-ups connecting a main fire alarm control panel with pull stations, smoke detectors, and audio/visual alarms.
The Power Limited Fire Alarm Cable is UL approved so it does not need to be installed with additional mechanical protection. The steel armor protects the integrity of the cable, eliminating disruption and kinks in installation and reducing call backs.
The cable is fully plenum-rated for all installations up to 300 volts and is color-coded red for quick identification. The AFC Cable Systems® fire protection line can be manufactured based on contractors’ exact specifications and coding requirements to help the contractor do it right the first time.
Additional benefits of the Power Limited Fire Alarm Cable include:
  • Available in type FPLP or dual-rated type metal clad (MC)/FPLP
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature ranging from -10°C to 75°C
  • Available with twisted shielded pairs, the Fire Alarm Cable features superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding compared to aluminum armor
References & Ratings

  • Manufactured in accordance with the UL® 1424 standard for power-limited fire alarm circuits, and meets a wide range of references and ratings
  • UL classified for through-wall penetrations in accordance with the UL® 1479 
  • Suitable for use in health care facilities’ patient care spaces, per NEC 517.80 and NEC 517.81
  • Suitable for connection to the life safety branch in NEC 517.33(C) and 517.43(C)
About AFC Cable Systems

AFC Cable Systems, Inc., part of Atkore International, is a leading manufacturer of electrical products, tracing its origins to 1926. AFC supplies a broad range of innovative, cost-saving products to the electrical industry. These products include armored and metal-clad cables; flexible metal conduits, non-metallic conduits, and liquid-tight conduits; modular wiring systems; and electrical fittings. AFC Cable Systems provides products used in new construction and the restoration and modernization of commercial office buildings, institutional facilities, healthcare facilities, and more.

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