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Save Space, Save Time, Stay Safe with the New MTL Compact Fieldbus Barrier from Eaton

Power management company Eaton has added a new ‘compact’ model to its class-leading MTL 937x-FB Fieldbus Barrier range. The 937x-FB3 offers specifiers, system builders and end users a cost-effective option that delivers all the benefits of proven MTL intrinsically safe barrier technology within a significantly smaller footprint.

Commenting on the introduction, Niaz Ahmed, associate product line manager at Eaton, said: “This latest addition to our MTL FBx range of fieldbus barriers offers Eaton customers greater system flexibility than ever before. The Compact FB3 delivers high reliability within a smaller footprint and at a competitive price, without compromising on the performance and protection levels that Eaton customers have come to expect. The 937x-FB3 reinforces the leading position that our MTL products occupy in the fieldbus ‘physical layer’.”

The new MTL Compact Fieldbus Barrier uses the same proven electronics as the established 937x-FB Fieldbus Barrier range with over 10 years reliable operation. However, it is 40% smaller than standard MTL Fieldbus Barriers thanks to a simplified design, which eliminates internal wiring. Its compact, economical design minimises capital expenditure on cost-sensitive projects and delivers key benefits including shorter installation time, a lower risk of faults and simplified maintenance requirements. Its compactness also allows Fieldbus Barrier architecture to be deployed anywhere, making the 937x-FB3 particularly suited to oil & gas, petrochemical and other industrial applications where the need for intrinsic safety combines with limitations on installation space.

The MTL FB3 is a wiring hub for connecting intrinsically safe (IS) field instruments to a fieldbus network in hazardous locations. The device takes in the high energy trunk supply and converts it to an intrinsically safe supply so that it cannot act as a source of ignition in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Offering full trunk surge protection, the FB3 enables safe, live workability on spurs, optimising uptime.
Eaton MTL Compact Fieldbus Barrier

A single FB3 module supports complete segments with up to 12 spur connections. Customers can specify the technology either as a module for third party integration and certification, or as a complete assembly within a stainless steel enclosure. To make commissioning easier, the complete assembly option is supplied with hazardous area certification of the junction box and internal components. Specifiers and system builders can also select from a wide variety of assemble-to-order (ATO) options for fast product delivery to meet customer requirements: all of which makes the FB3 a flexible and versatile barrier solution for IS applications.

The MTL FB3 Compact Fieldbus Barrier is registered with the FieldComm Group, so specifiers and users can be confident that it is universally compatible with other Foundation fieldbusTM H1 products. The FB3 also holds relevant certifications for global compliance with EMC, low voltage and ATEX for CE products. Suitable for mounting in IEC Zone 1 and any Gas Group, the FB3 is fully compliant with connection to FISCO (Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept) or entity devices in a Zone 0 hazardous area.  In addition, the FB3 can be replaced as a single module with a gas clearance certification.
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