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RACO Introduces Shield-IT® Push-in MC-PCS Connector for Smart Building Installations

Hubbell Commercial Construction
South Bend, Indiana August 6, 2019 - RACO introduces the Shield-IT® connector. This revolutionary new push-in connector simplifies splicing the double jacketed control/signal pairs of MC-PCS cable inside electrical boxes. RACO, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, provides innovative electrical products to commercial and residential markets.
As the commercial building industry shifts to integrated lighting controls, the MC-PCS cable type grows in popularity. It offers to reduce material and installation costs. Improper installation, however, can lead to new dangers for building owners, occupants, and electricians.  
MC-PCS contains conductors for both power-and-lighting circuits and Class 2 (signal and control) circuits in the same armored cable. This is allowed by article 725.136 of the NEC because of the additional insulation sheathing around Class 2 conductors along the entire length of the cable. However, there is confusion in the market regarding how to properly splice the Class 2 conductors in electrical boxes.
RACO's new connector is the first of its kind on the market. The Shield-IT design maintains necessary insulation between 16AWG solid copper control conductors and the power-and-lighting conductors inside electrical boxes or enclosures. This makes it code-compliant. Two-pair, three-pair and four-pair models are available.
Contractors save significant wiring time with this unique connector, up to 4x faster than alternate methods. No twisting, crimping or taping wires is required. No need to create a barrier or space between power-and-lighting and Class 2 conductors. Simply strip the Class 2 wires, push them in and click to close the shields. Shield-IT connectors make installation quick, safe and secure.
The Shield-IT design features color coded ports that ensure proper alignment. Polycarbonate construction with brass contacts and nylon shields provides durable yet easy service. Connectors are rated for 600V max voltage and 105ºC temperature. The clear housing makes visual inspection easy.
Shield-IT connectors are perfect for dimming control for LED or fluorescent lights, low voltage lighting and other smart building applications. These UL and CSA Listed connectors ensure that MC-PCS installations are compliant to NEC 725.136 and the forthcoming 2020 NEC article 330.104.
Availability of RACO's new Shield-IT connectors begins rolling out across North America in August 2019, starting with the US Northeast. Find more information at

Watch the Shield-IT video.

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