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NSI Industries Introduces Polaris Vision Tap, Expanding its Line of Insulated Electrical Connectors

NSi Industries, Inc.
HUNTERSVILLE, N.C., February 14, 2019 – NSI Industries, LLC, a leading provider of electrical and control products, today announced the introduction of Vision Tap clear multi-tap electrical connectors. The Polaris family provides quick and easy installation of in-line splices and multi-port taps by eliminating the need for extra tools and taping. Available in numerous configurations across a wide array of wire ranges to satisfy every application and environment. The connectors feature Polaris’ unique contractor-friendly design and reliable performance.
“Our Vision Tap connector’s clear design allows for a transparent view for optimal conductor placement to confirm a more secure connection,” said Karl Miller, national electrical product specialist, NSI Industries. “Polaris introduced the first, the original, insulated connectors to the industry and are known for the distinctive design with smooth exterior edges and rounded corners. Our connectors provide comfortable handling and grip for maximum torque for the installer.”
An expansion to NSI’s extensive line of connectors, the products are abrasion, chemical and flame resistant for added protection and pre-filled with Oxide Inhibitor to prevent corrosion.
The Vision Tap family of products include single-side entry, dual-side entry, offset and in-line configurations. The connectors feature removable plugs, ensuring secure entry port closure while preventing debris from entering the connector. In addition, the series features multiple UL Listed, parallel-rated configurations tested at maximum ampacities for parallel runs.

The connectors are for use with Class B and C conductor stranding for dry applications only and dual-rated for use with cooper and/or aluminum conductors. The products are rated at a 90°C operating temperature with a cold temperature rating to -45°C and rated for 600 volts.
Constructed of high-conductive aluminum alloy 6061-T6 construction, the reliable Vision Tap connectors are insulated with high dielectric strength plastisol for increased protection. The connectors provide a quality, UL Listed and time-saving solution for splice and tap requirements.
For additional information on NSI Industries’ Polaris Vision Tap connectors, visit www.nsiindustries.comor find additional information in the catalog.
About NSI Industries
NSI Industries is a leading provider of electrical products covering over 25 product categories, addressing all the needs of electrical contractors and their customers. NSI’s has many innovative and respected products and brands including: TORK® mechanical and digital time switches, photocontrols and occupancy sensors; WarriorWrap™electrical tapes; and Polaris™, the original insulated connector. Providing over 40 years of innovative, profitable and quality solutions to its distributor partners, NSI’s sustained level of success is attributable to a constant focus on its distributor partnerships and helping them find new ways to be successful. For more information about NSI Industries and its products, visit
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