August 23, 2021
ARISTA™ Advanced Lighting Control System
Bring smart control and energy efficiency to applications ranging from schools and hospitals to office buildings and retail spaces.

A suite of modular components, including sensors, controllers and manual overrides, makes it easy to install and configure ARISTA to meet diverse project needs. Bluetooth wireless communication and optional battery-powered sensors help speed up installations by reducing wiring needs.

ARISTA implementations can range from a few dozen components to several hundred controllers and sensors operating within a complex environment. This makes the smart system perfect for both retrofit and new construction projects.
BURNDY Engineered System
The BURNDY® Engineered System  of coordinating dies, connectors  and tools provides a safe, easy and inspectable UL Listed connection backed by a 5 year warranty.
How to Protect Your Solar Applications from Lightning
Lightning strikes are a leading cause of downtime for solar farms. Even indirect strikes can cause major destruction to photovoltaic (PV) systems. Watch this video to learn how the Littelfuse SPD2 Type 2 series of surge protective devices provides a path to ground for excess voltage to protect your PV system.
Testing a Modular Plug Terminated Link (MPTL)
Modular Plug Terminated Links (MPTL) are part of the ANSI/TIA-568-D.2 standard. This approach for testing MPTL eliminates the need for extra equipment cords and wall plates when installing devices such as security cameras and access points.

Find out how to test these installations using the DSX Series CableAnalyzer™.
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