August 03, 2021
Appleton™ IHC Series Industrial High Lumen Output Luminaire
The Appleton IHC Series is an Industrial High Lumen Output Luminaire designed to illuminate heavy industrial facilities with ceiling heights of 50 feet or greater, with a best-in-class maximum ambient temperature rating of 70 °C or 158 °F.

Designed as a flexible solution, the IHC series offers various lumen output levels and can easy retrofit legacy 1000 and 1500-Watt HID fixtures. It has four light distribution patterns with specially designed optics to ensure the maximum amount of light is pushed downward to provide safe light levels with the least number of fixtures at a variety of mounting heights and a wider range of applications.
RACO Crushed Corner Exposed Work Covers Review and Installation
Exposed Work Cover Installation. Ideal for exposed work environments including situations with surface mounted boxes. The covers enclose the electrical box securing wiring connections while also providing a means to mount a variety of electrical devices within 4 inch square boxes.
GCS-HEX Mechanical Ground to Steel Installation
The GCS-HEX series connectors are used to ground cable to steel, I-beam, or other flanged surfaces, in applications where drilling or hot permits are either not possible or unwanted. Installation of the GCS-HEX type connectors requires no power tools, simple to install, and is suitable for applications where a removable connection is desired.
New! Dalia LED+ dimmer with SoftGlow locator light – combines a classic look with the latest lighting control technology
See how simple it is to set your lights with a turn of a knob. Dalia is a first of its kind rotary LED dimmer that combines Lutron's LED+ technology with the same ease of use as a rotary dimmer, allowing you to effortlessly set the perfect light with your LED, Incandescent or Halogen bulbs.
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