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July 08, 2021
Fighting Corrosion, One Connection at a Time
Chuck Ross
Electrical connections are sensitive things, and they can face numerous challenges after years – or decades – of being hidden behind walls or junction box covers. One such issue is corrosion, a type of oxidation that causes conductors to deteriorate over time. As the conductors break down, electrical resistance increases, which leads to rising temperatures and an increased risk of equipment damage and fire.
Transitioning From Flexible to Rigid
Steve Maurer, IME
And I'm not talking about my danged old back (although that happened the other day doing yard work). No, I'm talking about the inevitable transition from flexible armored conduit to either a circuit panel or rigid conduit.

If you've done any commercial or industrial wiring, you know what I mean. Lighting runs are the worst.
Making New Connections with Streetlighting Upgrades
Chuck Ross
Streetlights are getting a lot of upgrades, these days. The yellow-orange glow from the old-school high-intensity discharge fixtures you might have grown up with is rapidly being replaced with cleaner-looking – and significantly more efficient – LED illumination. And municipalities also are taking advantage of increasingly affordable intelligent-lighting features that allow them to remotely track fixture outages and manage when lights are on at full power, half-power or off.
In the Spotlight
This Month's Smart eCat Features: Bergen Industries Full Line Product Catalog
Bergen Industries is a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of construction and maintenance lighting and electrical products for over 40 years.

Bergen has standard and custom lighting solutions to fit many different industry needs. Our products are made strong and perform efficiently to handle the demands of commercial use.
Open eCatalog Library
Every dad has a t-shirt he has owned for 20+ years and is 1 slight breeze away from it evaporating into thin air
Watch – Keep Me Current Videos
RACO Retro-Brace® Ceiling Brace & Box Kit
How-to instructions and key features of RACO Retro-Brace® kits. Required to meet code for heavy light fixtures or ceiling fans. Perfect for old work (renovations), and works for new work applications too. The RACO 936, 937, and 939 are complete kits including a steel electrical box, Retro-Brace®, and an INSIDER® NMSC connector.
Leviton Live New Orleans
Join us for a private tour that brings to life the latest Leviton controls, network solutions, commercial, industrial, and residential solutions.

Electrical contractors, architects, builders, and other professionals can be immersed in a variety of business and residential settings to experience how Leviton innovation transforms a space from ordinary to extraordinary.  Visit www.leviton.com/LIVE
Limelight outdoor wireless lighting control by Lutron – Twist-Lock Overview and Installation
This video provides an overview of the Limelight Twist-Lock and installation techniques.

Limelight is a wireless lighting control solution for outdoor and industrial facilities that provides remote control and management, saves energy, and enhances facility safety. With the simplicity of its wireless fixture-level control architecture, it also helps ensure code compliance and streamlines the specification and design process.

Learn more: Lutron.com/limelight
Leviton Lighting Brand Viscor Launches First Luminaire with 365DisInFx™ UVA Technology
Lutron Introduces New Services and More Remote Capabilities for an Enhanced Customer Experience
Recessed Covers for Concrete Box
Alloy LED Introduces PowerLineTM 300 Driverless LED Tape Light
ULTRA Germicidal Smart Fan by Modern Forms: A Groundbreaking Fan System Incorporating UV-C Technology
Robroy Raceways® Introduces New Catalog Detailing the Benefits of Rocket Rack®: A Pre-Engineered, Factory Fabricated, Sanitary Support System for Electrical and Manufacturing Applications
Electri-Flex Organizes 1,000 Meal Food Drive for the 4th of July Holiday
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