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September 09, 2021
Three Top Choices for Building Your Testing Toolbox
Chuck Ross
Enter the phrase “electrical tester” into your search engine of choice and you’ll get literally millions of choices (107,000,000, to be exact, in my latest try). But which of the many varieties of testers are the most essential for electrical contractors in day-to-day work?
Strutting Your Stuff in Sanitary Electrical Work
Steve Maurer, IME
When electrical installations are made in areas where corrosion and/or bacterial contamination are issues, stainless steel conduit and fittings are quickly becoming the materials of choice. They hold up much better than alternatives such as aluminum, PVC-coated galvanized, and fiberglass or PVC/plastic conduit and fittings.
Shopping for Testers? Here’s What to Look For
Chuck Ross
Electrical testing equipment has been around since the days of Thomas Edison’s earliest discoveries at his Menlo Park, N.J., lab – but it’s certainly come a long way since then. Just like all devices, from telephones to televisions, testers have become smarter, sleeker and much more functional.
Don’t Let OT Data Traps Be the Downfall of Industrial Digital Transformation
Oliver Wang, Product Marketing Manager, Edge Connectivity and Computing, Moxa
Industrial digital transformation seeks to break down the silos between an enterprise’s information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), translating the physical behavior of OT devices into digital data, and distilling insights with the help of IT’s analysis.
In the Spotlight
This Issue's Smart eCat Features: Leviton Products, Systems, and Solutions
Leviton is committed to delivering the highest quality and most reliable, safe and sustainable solutions to our customers around the world.  Inventing and manufacturing products that connect people to the power that moves them forward, the light that guides their way and the data that drives their lives.
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Thanked a rival dad at the neighborhood chili cook off for making his mild so my kids could have some.
Watch – Keep Me Current Videos
BURNDY CSUDO Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Series
To be used with single core XLPE and EPR jacketed or bare concentric neutral underground distribution cables for the Electric Utility and Renewables market. Quick and easy installation. Offering fewest number of steps to install.
Getting Started with the ARISTA Advanced Lighting Control System
Harness the power of the ARISTA™ Advanced Lighting Control System using the ARISTA smartphone app. In this video tutorial, we’ll walk through the basics of account creation, designating controls within specific Projects, Areas, and Zones, creating ON/OFF events, adjusting system settings, and more!
GR-Magic Cable Tray Solution
Cable tray installation has just gotten Faster, Stronger and Easier, with GR-Magic. Chalfant's self-connecting wire mesh cable tray solution. GR-Magic cable tray is a patented self-connecting wire mesh tray solution. The innovative, self connecting "magic" ends allow installers to connect tray lengths in a single snap. The secure connection is UL classified and tested to be a strong secure joint.
Faster terminating screwless Twist-Lock® receptacles introduced by Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Alloy LED Introduces Ultra-Narrow RazorLine 3.7 LED Tape Light
Gain Greater Visibility of Lighting Assets with New Emerson Mercmaster Connect LED
A-Light Expands Absorb Family with Absorb I
Klein Tools® Adds Innovative Rechargeable Safety Lamp to Lighting Accessories Line
Eaton’s Wiring Devices introduces a humidity sensor and fan control that increases comfort and saves energy
Leviton Introduces New Decora® Weather-Resistant Receptacle
Keep Commercial Lighting Projects Code Compliant with ARISTA
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