ElectricSmarts New Product News
May 13, 2021 Volume 21 Issue 403
Recessed Cover Kits install INTO Concrete Floor Box
UL Listed FLBC4560D recessed covers install into a 4.5” concrete floor box to reduce tripping. Available with metal flanges in brass or nickel-plated brass – and plastic in light almond, gray, caramel, black and dark brown. Easy to install, with divider for power and low voltage in the same box.
Industry's only Stainless EMT Conduit and Fittings
Offering superior mechanical protection to conductors and cable, Calbrite EMT conduit is polished with standard “brite” finish to increase corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance. Stainless steel EMT requires no threading and is joined together by utilizing Calbrite EMT set screw or compression fittings, further simplifying installations and reducing costs.
Hubbell Premise Wiring announces new NEXTSPEED® Category 6 cable
Hubbell Premise Wiring announces updated NEXTSPEED® Cable. This Category 6 cable guarantees headroom for dependable Ethernet performance above TIA/EIA568.2-D and ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017, Class E standards.
BURNDY® WILEY Cable Hanger (WCH) Family
Cable hangers designed specifically to support up to 8 or 20 wires via mounting or wire management holes in either the module frame or secured around a tracker bolt for a fast, easy one-step hook application.
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Motor disconnects are more than simple on-off devices to satisfy lockout-tagout requirements. They have become an integral part of the motor control circuit, offered in several styles, materials, and ratings. Download our new White Paper to learn more and to see the full line of MENNEKES Disconnects.
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