BURNDY Insulating Piercing Connector (BIPC)

BURNDY Insulating Piercing Connector (BIPC)

The BURNDY® Insulation Piercing Connector (BIPC) is ideally suited for splicing, tapping and dead-ending aluminum and copper conductor wire sizes: #14 AWG to 750 kcmil.

  • Safe to use, versatile and reliable.
  • No need to strip wire and totally insulated.
  • No tape or cover needed.
  • No contact at any point with a live part.
  • No spacer required between connections.
  • Exclusive “turbo spacer” keeps tap side open while main conductor is being tightened.
  • No need for a third hand to install.
  • Watertight and corrosion-free.
  • Connection sealed by a rubber grommet.
  • No migration of water.
  • No contamination between main and tap.
  • Connectors handle a large wire range of #14awg to 750mcm.
  • Double shear-head bolts ensure perfect connection every time. Hot spots eliminated.
  • Can be used as a splice or a tap.
  • Easy to install and no special tools required.
  • For copper-to-copper, copper-to-aluminum and aluminum-to-aluminum applications.
  • Suitable for solid and/or stranded wires.
• Not recommended for use with extra-flexible cables. Not approved for submersible applications
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