BURNDY® Front Load Ferrule Tool

BURNDY® Front Load Ferrule Tool

Two new, multi-faceted BURNDY® ferrule tools that are designed to crimp the new BURNDY® line of UL Listed ferrules. The YF268CFSL and YF261CSKIT high-quality, ferrule crimpers have undergone rigorous UL testing to ensure that the user has an engineered connection that is consistent and safe, every time.

The YF268CFSL is a self-adjusting crimper with front and side load capability to install a wide range of both insulated and bare terminals from #26 - #8 AWG. This tool is ergonomically designed for user comfort, ease of use, and safety.

The YF261CSKIT is a side loading ferrule crimping kit, containing (3) three interchangeable dies capable of crimping #26 - #1/0 AWG insulated and bare terminals. This tool features low handle force and non-slip handles for a much improved user experience.

Another great crimping solution by the BURNDY® Engineered System of coordinating tools, dies and connectors.
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