Mersen Technologies for EV/HEV and EES Applications

Mersen Technologies for EV/HEV and EES Applications

With the continuous growth of demands for DC battery-related applications such as Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage facilities, comes the need for better operation management and fault clearing of such loads. Mersen is committed to push boundaries and to introduce game-changing and disruptive technologies to make EV/HEV and EES applications safer and more reliable. This new video explores a wide variety of Mersen technologies including the MEV DC fuse family, pyro-fuse technology, monitoring bus bars, INFINI-CELL bus bar, and an ultra-thin vacuum brazed water-cooled cold plate.

Mersen's wide range of DC overcurrent protection (OCP) solutions are based upon incumbent proven technology (DC fuse) enhanced by two new disruptive hybrid devices. These three product families are designed to safely clear both high and low DC fault currents for today’s demanding DC systems in EV/HEV and Electrical Energy Storage applications.
Mersen DC-rated OCPD devices have been specifically developed to:

  • Clear both high and low DC fault current
  • Limit or eliminate the impact of severe duty cycles in DC switching applications
  • Decrease power losses during normal operation to improve system efficiency
  • Offer a reliable and robust alternative to DC relays, DC contactors, DC switches
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