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Klein Tools’® New Hard Hats Provide Professionals Safety with All Day Comfort

Klein Tools’® New Hard Hats Provide Professionals Safety with All Day Comfort

Klein Tools, Inc.
Sept. 24, 2020 (Lincolnshire, Ill.) – Klein Tools (, for professionals since 1857, has launched an upgrade to its award-winning Hard Hats, designed and built with a continued focus on safety, comfort and fit for trade professionals. All models are now tested and rated for top, front, back, and side impact for added peace of mind without compromising on comfort and fit. The upgraded line features a rechargeable headlamp, hard hat kit models and new colors, offering more choices for different applications.

All Hard Hats:
  • Tested to Type-I ANSI Z89.1(2014), CSA Z94.1-15, EN397:2012, and EN12492:2012 standards for top, front/black and side impact, penetration and lateral deformation (See instructions for details)
  • Patent-pending accessory mounts on front and back ensure Klein Tools headlamps attach securely and precisely – no straps needed
  • Machine-washable padded sweatband & top pad made of sweat-wicking, breathable materials 
  • 4-point suspension offers stability and secure fit; and open-frame design for optimal air circulation
  • Large ratchet knob for easy one-handed adjustment – even with gloves on
  • Large adjustable vents (Class C only) open or close for optimal air circulation in hot and cold weather
  • Stacked Klein Tools logo (now on the left side, no coin logo on front)
  • New colors added: Blue (Class E: Cap and Full Brim) and Yellow (Class C: Full Brim)

Type I, Class E Hard Hats (Non-Vented)
  •  Non-vented design built for electricians, linemen, and trades that require protection from live power
  • Tested up to 20kV; for use where electrical protection is required
60100 | Cap style, non-vented | White | Class E
60107 | Cap style, non-vented with Headlamp** | White | Class E
60107RL | Cap style, non-vented with Headlamp* | White | Class E
60248 | Cap style, non-vented | Blue | Class E
60249 | Full brim, non-vented | Blue | Class E
60400 | Full brim, non-vented | White | Class E
60406RL | Full brim, non-vented, with Headlamp* | White | Class E

  • Large adjustable vents can be opened or closed to control air circulation in hot and cold weather
  • Built for plumbers, carpenters, arborists and general construction trades that don’t require electrical protection but need proper heat management and long-term comfort
60105 | Cap style, vented | White | Class C
60113RL | Cap style, vented with Headlamp* | White | Class C   
60401 | Full brim, vented | White | Class C   
60407 | Full brim, vented with Headlamp** | White | Class C       
60407RL | Full brim, vented with Headlamp* | White | Class C   
60262 | Full brim, vented | Yellow | Class C

*Includes Rechargeable Headlamp/Magnetic Work light (Cat. No. 56062)
**Includes Alkaline Headlamp/Magnetic Work light (Cat. No. KHH56220)

“Klein Tools’ new generation of hard hats was engineered to ensure trade professionals have the latest innovations in long-term comfort, fit and fall protection safety,” says Shantanu Deshpande, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “This new generation takes all the best features from previous models of our hard hats and improves upon them. By testing for top, front/back and side impact, Klein Tools hard hats give you the added level safety and peace of mind without compromising long-term comfort and great fit that these hard hats are known for.”

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