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Cope Wire Basket with Quick-Latch Saves Up To 40% Installation Time

Cope Cable Tray
Philadelphia, PA (September 2019) – Cope , the original brand of cable tray, offers a wire basket cable tray designed with 2" x 4" welded, high-strength steel wire mesh that allows for continuous airflow and quick and easy fitting configuration in the field. This unique and open design helps prevent overheating and the buildup of dust, contaminants, and bacteria.

The standard finish is electro-plated zinc galvanized which is most suitable for indoor applications or mild outdoor environments. The wire basket cable tray can also be special ordered in hot-dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel, or powder coated finishes to meet all of your application needs.

With the Cope Quick-Latch™ splicing system, included and pre-installed with every Cope Wire Basket straight, technicians can save up to 40% of installation time when connecting wire basket sections. Though the standard Cope wire basket cable tray comes with a pre-attached Quick-Latch, multiple field cuts or manufacturing fittings often leave perfectly usable pieces of wire basket without any splice bars. Cope Quick-Latch is also sold separately to utilize these pieces and eliminate even more cost, labor, and time when splicing these parts together. No additional hardware is required on the job site, and Quick-Latch’s one-size-fits-all design reduces confusion and the need for additional parts.
For more information and to watch a video comparing the Quick Latch versus a standard installation, visit

About Cope:
Cope , part of Atkore International, is an industry leader in cable management solutions and the premier producer of all major categories of cable tray systems. There is a Cope cable management solution for all types of projects and facilities, ranging from standard commercial systems to the heaviest industrial systems. Their high quality and unique features make the Cope product line the preferred choice of installers and facility owners for power and data communication systems. All Cope products are produced to NEMA standards.
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