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LumiCleanse UV-C1 Germicidal Light Fixture

LumiCleanse UV-C1 Germicidal Light Fixture

LumiCleanse UV-C1 germicidal light fixture uses quartz lamps with 254nm to effectively kill surface and airborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, mold/fungi and allergens.

This tabletop lamp operates ozone-free and uses only 38W. An 8' cord makes it easy to plug in virtually anywhere.

Designed with safety in mind, once the unit is turned on by remote control, there is a 15 second delay to give the user time to exit the space. An integrated motion sensor will immediately shut off the light if the space becomes occupied.

The fixture is powerful enough to cover up to 300 sq. ft. A one year warranty and ETL listing provide peace of mind.
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