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Kichler® Indoor Lighting Systems Line Offers Unlimited Lighting Design Opportunities for Commercial Applications

Kichler Lighting
- New 8T Series LED Tape, Connector Accessories and Channels feature industry leading technology  -

INDEPENDENCE, OHIO (June 12, 2019) – Integrated lighting can improve a space both visually and functionally. Indoor Lighting Systems from Kichler Lighting LLC, a leader in innovative lighting and ceiling fans, provides the latest products and technology, and unrestricted design opportunities for ceilings, walls and floors within light commercial applications.

“Our expanded Kichler Indoor Lighting Systems line allows installers to customize and create unlimited lighting designs with the durability and performance known from our brand,” says Matt Kollarits, product manager, Kichler Indoor Lighting Systems. “From cove ceilings, custom sconces, to in-wall or floor installations, our line of channels are perfect for light commercial settings such as hotels, restaurants or offices due to their wide breadth of applications and options. In addition, Kichler is proud to announce our 8T Series LED Tape and Connector Accessories that make design configurations simpler while also accounting for polarity.”

Key Products from the 2019 Kichler Indoor Lighting Systems include:

8T Series LED Tape
The new Kichler 8T Series LED Tape is available in Standard, High and Ultra High output and features an assortment of strips and rolls, ranging from 4" to 100.' Its flexible, two-layer circuit board allows for extended run lengths including 67' Standard, 33' High and 10' Ultra High. The tape features a connector base every 4", with cut lines to either side for maximum versatility. In addition, the 8T Series LED Tape showcases high color quality with a variety of color temperatures. Along with the standard 2700K, 3000K and 5000K, the range is expanded down to a candlelight warmth of 2200K, and also includes 4000K for daylight-white office applications.

8T Series Connector System Accessories

The 8T Series of Commercial Grade LED Tape Light is designed to integrate with Kichler’s patent-pending polarity independent connector system and speeds up the installation of even the most complicated design configurations. While traditional tape light requires consistent orientation of the positive (+) and negative (–) terminals, the 8T connector recognizes the tape straight on, or when rotated 180 degrees without the concern for maintaining polarity. This helps eliminate challenges in the field and delivers ease of installation. With Kichler’s 8T Series, the electrician is only responsible for keeping the supply wire polarity correct.

Eight polarity independent connector accessories are available in the following configurations:
  • Tape-to-Wire – feature both a flexible and rigid version. The rigid offers the ability to connect wires in standard applications, while the flexible connector bends around corners to help installers with smaller space configurations, or assist in directing the wires back to the power supply. Both allow the installer to utilize their preferred 20 – 22 AWG wire to make custom length supply leads and jumpers.
  • Tape-to-Wire Supply – provides simplicity to the installer with pre-soldered 18-gauge wire that is 60” long. This is the only 8T connector accessory offering a wired, pre-fab connection – saving the installer the step of prepping and inserting wire. 
  • Tape-to-Tape – feature both a flexible and rigid version. The flexible connector is longer in length and a problem solver for installers who have to join two pieces of tape around an odd shape or corner. The rigid connector brings two different sections of tape together when needed to splice or continue a run, and is designed not to interrupt the spacing of LEDs on the tape providing a uniform, lit appearance. 
  • Tape-to-Tape Intersections – to account for every design aspect, the 8T tape-to-tape intersections are offered in a 2-way “L” or elbow, 3-way “T” or 4-way “X” version to connect tape at corners or flex around three-dimensional surfaces.
A 3-way connector can be utilized to create a unique pendant installation

Extruded Channels for LED Tape Lights – Standard and Enhanced

Kichler offers Standard and Enhanced lines of extruded channels to complement LED Tape Light installations. These channels serve an important role in creating accent lighting for the most common tape light installations – under-cabinet and shelf lighting. With simple mounting clips, varying depths for desired light diffusion, and snap-in lenses, these channels offer a polished look while simplifying the installation process. Available in both surface mount and recessed mount options; 45°, 30°/60° options are also available for directional light.

TE Pro Series Extruded Channels for LED Tape Lights
In addition to the Standard and Enhanced lines, the TE Pro Series is a step up from a simple lighting effect to the integration of light throughout sophisticated designs and applications. Here, aluminum is extruded into shapes to represent design elements such as crown molding or baseboards. Many TE Pro Series extrusions are designed so that dry wall mud can be applied, resulting in a built-in lighting effect – floor to ceiling. These channels are often intended for new construction by incorporating a designer and/or architect to the project, as well as in retrofit applications for true integration.  

With 20 TE Pro configurations, these channels go beyond a linear accessory or accent as they help to illuminate:
  • Modern, frameless cabinets or exposed shelves
  • Open closet configurations
  • Integrated wall, ceiling or floor installations
  • Crown or cove lighting
  • Custom sconces or chandeliers
  • Stair treads
Like the Standard and Enhanced channels, the Pro Series channels has varying depths and features like snap-in lenses. It also offers metal end caps for a polished look. Similar to wood trim, most of these extrusions can be cut and reconfigured into varying shapes, or suspended as a custom pendant.

High-resolution images of the full 2019 Kichler Indoor Lighting Systems line are available upon request.

All of the products in the new Kichler Indoor Lighting Systems line are equipped with the latest technology to provide designers and architects with unlimited design opportunities for commercial applications. The 2019 line comes with a five-year commercial warranty. For more information, and to locate your nearest distributor, please visit


Kichler Lighting LLC strives to transform the home and workspace by developing fixtures that perform efficiently, install intuitively and deliver an overall effect that combines style with purpose. With an extensive portfolio of more than 3,000 on-trend products – including lighting, landscape and ceiling fans – and a commitment to providing services and project solutions, Kichler® is the brand homeowners and professionals know and trust since 1938. Kichler Lighting products are available at independent showrooms, Lowe’s, electrical and landscape distributors and online. For more information, visit

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