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Commercial Lighting Control

Commercial Lighting Control

Steve Maurer, IME

In the previous article, we talked about residential light control and how it's changed. In this article, we bring in the big guns, commercial and industrial lighting control.

Electric utility bills are high for commercial buildings. And the lion's share of that cost comes from lighting. If you can control the lighting more efficiently, you stand a good chance of lowering electricity charges dramatically.

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Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.: Lutron Energi Advisor™ Leviton Manufacturing Company: Industrial LED Lighting Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.: Lutron Industry Update Leviton Manufacturing Company: SmartlockPro® Outlet Branch Circuit AFCI Receptacle

New Energy-Efficient LED Ceiling Occupancy Sensor

Leviton has expanded its line of Ceiling Lampholders for closets and closed spaces to include new LED Ceiling Occupancy Sensor model. With the phase-out of incandescent lamps, LED lighting is today’s energy-efficient alternative to incandescent fixtures as well as the popular alternative to CFL fixtures.  Meets NFPA® 70, NEC® Section 410.16, C (1) Requirements

Leviton Manufacturing Company

Universal Dimmers

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Saving Energy with an Occupancy Sensor

Professional Landscape Lighting

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