New Inverters Enable Cleaner Energy Harvest

New Inverters Enable Cleaner Energy Harvest

Chuck Ross

Solar power seems to get the most attention at its smallest and largest scales – we hear a great deal about residential rooftop systems and the largest utility-scale arrays, but not nearly as much about what falls in the middle. That may be changing quickly, as “community” solar projects now are taking hold in many U.S. states. Often in the 1 megawatt (MW) to 2 MW size range, these arrays of photovoltaic (PV) panels provide an opportunity for renters and others lacking their own rooftops to invest in solar-powered electricity generation at sites that make sense for a local utility’s distribution grid.

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GRAFIK T Phase Selectable Dimmer and RF C.L Hybrid Keypad

Providing superior control of a broad range of LEDs, the GRAFIK T phase selectable dimmer enables control of ELV and LED loads while the RF C.L hybrid keypad provides local zone dimming and scene-based control from a single control device. Ideal for commercial spaces and modern residences.

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