Mersen Elevator Switch Panels: Stocked Models for Quick Shipment

Mersen Elevator Switch Panels: Stocked Models for Quick Shipment

Mersen now offers 8 models of elevator switches available for quick turn-around.

Mersen’s fusible shunt trip switch is a UL Listed industrial control panel offering remote load-break disconnection capability to emergency circuits. An array of available options allows for maximum functionality to be built into a single compact panel. Panels built for elevator applications feature control transformers (fusing both primary and secondary sides), a fire safety interface relay with a fire alarm voltage monitoring relay, and mechanically interlocked auxiliary contacts. Use of Mersen’s Amp-Trap 2000® AJT Class J fuses permits easy selective coordination, while providing the panel and its components with superior current limitation and the ability to withstand high fault conditions. AJT fuses provide added system reliability since no maintenance or periodic testing is required as with other electromechanical overcurrent devices.

When inspection is looming and you have not ordered a panel yet, there are both basic models and models which are loaded with options available in stock. In cases where you have time, Mersen still offers its industry leading 90,000+ configurable models.


  • Elevator controls
  • Building emergency systems
  • Data processing rooms
  • Miscellaneous fusible shunt trip applications

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