Concentric Neutral Grounding Connectors for Wind and Solar

Concentric Neutral Grounding Connectors for Wind and Solar

The YGHC-CN series connectors, part of the HYGROUND Compression Grounding product line, accommodates medium voltage concentric neutral to ground wire applications.

Type YGHC-CN figure “C” connectors provide irreversible, maintenance-free connections. They accommodate both flat strap and rounded versions of concentric neutral strands. These new products deliver an optimal grounding solution for the concentric neutral used in medium voltage cables at wind and solar installations.

Grounding the concentric neutral eliminates any induced circulating currents.  This helps to remove heat which causes resistance, making it easier for current to flow in the conductor. Typically, concentric neutral is grounded at the end points of the cable run or at intervals throughout the run.

Installers trust the BURNDY® brand for high-quality, innovative connector and tooling solutions.
Type YGHC-CN products can be crimped using standard tools and dies, just like standard YGHC connectors. They are marked with wire size range and die set as well as catalog numbers.
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