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Introducing Lutron’s first professional grade tape light

Introducing Lutron’s first professional grade tape light

With Lumaris tunable white tape light, smart home pros can take their projects to the next level by adding color temperature to lighting scenes and schedules. 

Choose the tape with the desired temperature range, Soft White (1800K−3000K) or Daylight (2500K−5000K), and adjust via keypad preset control, automatically throughout the day (Day/Night mode in RadioRA 3 or Natural Show in HomeWorks), and/or via Warm Dim. 

The Lumaris tape light solution also provides the highest quality dimming performance with guaranteed flicker-free dimming down to 0.1%. 

Wireless control communication via the ultra-reliable Lutron Clear Connect Type X technology makes the Lumaris solution ideal for remodels and new construction. In addition, each driver is individually addressable, allowing for easy reconfigure of lighting zones via the software. No rewiring is required to accommodate changes in a space.

Key Features:

  • Warm dim down to 0.1%
  • Field-cuttable down to 2-inch segments
  • High-reliability punch connectors
  • All-in-one driver and controller in a small, easy-to-hide form factor
  • Communicates wirelessly with the RA3 processor via Clear Connect Type X
  • Specific starter kits for RA3 and HomeWorks QSX available

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