Arlington Industries, Inc.
Time-saving QuickLatch™ with pre-installed strut clip

Time-saving QuickLatch™ with pre-installed strut clip

Arlington’s heavy duty NM3100 series QuickLatch™ with installed strut clip holds RIGID and EMT securely on strut. Use it like a pipe hanger.

One-piece QuickLatch saves time, about 20 seconds per installation ...over 33¢ each at $60.00 per hour labor rate.

Fast and easy to install. Insert the hanger into the strut, twist to lock the pre-installed clip in place then tighten screw to secure QuickLatch to strut. Push RIGID or EMT into the hanger to lock it in place.
  • UV rated, corrosion resistant for outdoor use
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally, Integral slot keeps nut from spinning
  • Screwdriver removal, reusable  
  • Listed for use in environmental air handling spaces per 2020 NEC,  article 300.22(c).
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