Press Release

Introducing the Game Changer!

American Polywater Corp.
The Polywater PHPS pipe seal that accepts a range of pipe and conduit sizes within a single seal. No need to consult a sizing chart for a modular link seal.

Simply choose the seal to match your core drill or sleeve opening, peel and remove layers to match your pipe or conduit OD, open the one-piece design, place around the pipe, and close.

  • An excellent option to keep in inventory or on service trucks.
  • Ideal for sealing around 4" or smaller pipes or conduits.
  • Durable in harsh conditions with EPDM and stainless steel.
  • Gastight and watertight.
  • Reduces installation time.
  • Designed for simple installation around pipe and conduit types.

View the sizing chart to find your next solution!
For assistance, or to schedule a field trial, please contact your Authorized Polywater distributor.
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