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Information packed webinar helps contractors succeed in the new working world

Hubbell Wiring Systems
The challenge of labor shortages, with fewer skilled people entering the trades, has long been a vexing issue for our construction industry customers. But now with COVID-19 related workflow challenges, they need to rethink labor deployment strategies for an additional reason as well—workers can no longer operate in close proximity to each other.

This combination of challenges is one that Hubbell can help with, as many of the company’s innovative time- and labor- saving products and services are taking on new meaning and demonstrating even greater value as contractors struggle to navigate and excel in this “new normal.”

This was a key message during a recent webinar developed by Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems attended by more than 1,000 contractors and distributors.

According to John McFarland, VP Commercial Marketing, the webinar was designed to show a wide range of products and services. Each, he notes, has “a little nuance” that makes them especially valuable for contractors facing these new challenges, with each allowing them to do more work faster with fewer people, and be not only more efficient but safer as well for all concerned.

A featured product category was SNAPConnect devices, which allow contractors to prewire a pigtail in the rough-in stage and then quickly snap in the receptacle during installation, saving several minutes per piece and allowing fewer workers to do more faster. Similarly, Hubbell inREACH E-Z Mounting Brackets allow one technician to install a lightweight bracket and then simply slide in a heavy cord reel separately—effectively turning an unwieldy two man job into an easy one man job, and allowing contactors to better stay on the safe side of social distancing protocols. And, Hubbell pre-wired raceways are especially valuable now, allowing contractors to bring a complex subassembly onsite rather than taking the time to do extra labor onsite in potentially more vulnerable conditions.

Many people are unaware that Hubbell has capabilities to take the building drawings and design the whole raceway under controlled conditions in the plant, doing a turnkey manufacture and having it all ready for the contractor to install quickly at the building site. According to McFarland, “It eliminates cost and labor time, as it always has, but now the factor of less time onsite and less proximity takes on a huge safety advantage too. We want more people to know about and take advantage of services like this; it’s really a win-win for everyone involved from Hubbell to contractor to building owner to the individual technician on the job site.”
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