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ESR Fuses Offer a Wider Range of Protection for Battery Racks

ESR Fuses Offer a Wider Range of Protection for Battery Racks

The Littelfuse Energy Storage Rack (ESR) series of fuses are designed specifically to protect battery racks from a range of fault currents to help prevent equipment damage or expensive system failures. The 1500 V dc high-speed square body fuse is extremely fast-acting to respond quickly to safeguard the battery module. Available in NH 1XL and 3XL sizes and a variety of amperages.

This Class aBat partial range ESR fuse has superior short circuit protection and a low minimum breaking capacity (MBC)—from 300 % or 3 times the fuse’s rated current to 250 kA—to cover a range of over currents that traditional high-speed partial range fuses do not protect against.

The ESR fuse safely interrupts most faults in a battery storage system to avoid catastrophic failures and costly shutdowns.

Features and Benefits:

--High dc interrupting rating provides superior short-circuit protection and the ability to scale-up systems without the need to redesign the existing circuit protection, saving time and costs

--The low minimum breaking current offers easy coordination with battery modules and reduces size and rating of dc contactors to save space and costs

--Extremely fast acting delivers high-speed performance

--Low watt loss maximizes efficiency by preventing energy loss and minimizing the wasted power of components

--Conforming to the IEC60269-7 battery standard, the ESR series is specifically designed to safeguard evolving battery technologies with fuse circuit protection

--Compact NH 1XL and 3XL sizes save space and offer design flexibility


--Battery energy storage systems (BESSs) – Battery Protection Unit (BPU) and battery racks
--Power conversion systems
--Dc common bus systems
--Hybrid PV-BESS inverters
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