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Voltec's New & Improved LED Work Lights

Voltec's New & Improved LED Work Lights

Voltec’s LED work lights are built jobsite tough and energy efficient, with an LED module life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

Each work light is constructed with die-cast aluminum housing that is both lightweight and corrosion resistant.  Their sturdy foldable bases require no assembly and conveniently fold flat for transport and easy storage.

Choose the brightness level that best meets your needs.  Model 08-00731 offers an output of 4,400 lumens while model 08-00732 offers an even higher output with 6,600 lumens.  Model 08-00732 also features an additional USB port for charging electronic devices while working.

In addition, Voltec proudly introduces 3 new high lumen heavy duty tripods.  Model 08-00733 - a single head LED tripod with 6,600 lumens and Model 08-00734 - a twin head LED tripod with a combined output of 8,800 lumens.  Both models are capable of extending up to 5 feet.  Looking for even more illumination for your jobsite? Step up to Model 08-00735 which can deliver 13,200 lumens and extend up to nearly 7 feet.

All models come equipped with Voltec’s quick head adjustment. This ratcheting feature allows the end user to easily change and lock the light angle without needing any tools.

All Tripods feature a detachable sled base with our All-New quick release function, making them easily portable for ground level coverage.  Each new model is also equipped with an adjustable extension leg that provides stability on slopes and uneven surfaces, plus model number 08-00733 & 08-00735 include a USB port and a storage bag for storing small tools or mobile phones.

With a high standard of excellence and ongoing dedication to product innovation, you can always rely on Voltec to deliver the value and quality you need to get the job done right!

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