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Announcing Introduction of SuperFlex Post Top Retrofits

Light Efficient Design
CARY, IL, June 11th – Light Efficient Design, the parent company of popular brands such as Remphos, Solera, LumiCleanse and C-Flex, announces the introduction of SuperFlex post top retrofits. The innovation to the 7th generation of this style includes switches to select from multiple wattages & color temperatures on each unit.

Light Efficient Design has been a leading manufacturer in the LED retrofit and fixture industry for over 12 years.   Inventing the category has not stopped the company from continually innovating their core product areas.  Post top retrofits are one of the most popular styles in the marketplace due to their versatility and abundance in the lighting landscape.

A product assortment that was previously 18 individual skus in order to cover the necessary wattage range and color varieties, is now just 3.  Each of the 3 retrofits has a selector switch to change color temperatures (3000K, 4000K or 5000K).  The smaller post top retrofit comes in E26 and EX39 base sizes with a switch to select from 35W, 45W and 60W.   The larger retrofit has an EX39 base and can switch between 80W, 100W and 110W; replacing HID lamps all the way up to 400W.

“I am extremely proud of our Product Development Team, taking this approach while maintaining our highest standards of quality allows our distributor partners to streamline their inventory while offering in-field flexibility to please the end users.” – Tim Taylor, CEO

About Light Efficient Design
Light Efficient Design is the leader in LED screw-in retrofits for HID fixtures. Leveraging over 12 years of product development, first-to-market innovations and strong distributor partnerships, Light Efficient Design expanded into LED pin-base retrofits and work lights. The acquisition of Remphos Technologies in 2018 catapulted the company to leadership in LED retrofit kits, fixtures and custom solutions for large projects across vertical markets such as the government/military, healthcare and education. The company’s latest brand introductions include Solera Solar Lighting™ and LumiCleanse™ Lighting To Sanitize. Dedicated to its distributor and ESCO relationships, Light Efficient Design is renowned for innovation, collaboration, education and quality.

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