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Electronic All-Purpose Contractor Box

Electronic All-Purpose Contractor Box

Tired of dealing with build-it-yourself enclosures? Take projects to the next level with the Electronic All-Purpose Contractor Box from Intermatic. Our field-ready solution allows contractors to install a durable enclosure that integrates a built-in 60 Amp 7-day Astronomic timer control with optional timed photocontrol functionality and 480 Volt-rated contactors to manage a wide range of heavy-duty loads. Installers can also easily add surge protection to the enclosure to help safeguard connected equipment, making it a versatile all-in-one solution.

Key Features:

- Pre-built enclosure with timer control, convenient wiring terminal for adding a timed photocontrol (ideal meeting lighting shut off/energy regulations)
- 120 VAC 60 Hz input voltage
- 480 Volt-Rated contactors to manage heavy-duty loads
- Easily add surge protection to safeguard connected equipment
- Switch input terminal can be used for a variety of overrides (e.g., occupancy sensors, switch terminals, simple ON/OFF switches)
- Includes USB drive to backup and transfer schedules
- Time and labor savings with an all-in-one solution
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