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    Temporary Commercial Power Distribution

    Temporary Commercial Power Distribution

    When working as an electrician in a processing plant, I was often called in to work on renovations, new area construction, and emergency repair scenarios. Often there wasn’t permanent power available, so temporary power using extension cords was necessary to power up tools and equipment for the job.

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    Intermatic, Inc.
    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
    Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Appleton Grp LLC

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    Manufacturer's catalog number: RPT-P-LIVC-G2-2FT-20L-840-FWFC-R-S1

    Light Efficient Design - RPT-P-LIVC-G2-2FT-20L-840-FWFC-R-S1

    24" CORD/STRWY 15W & 4000K DEFALT
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