Press Release

Light Efficient Design Announces First to Market Hybrid 365 Solar Area Light

Light Efficient Design
Cary, IL – May 20, 2020 – Light Efficient Design introduces the Solera Solar Lighting Hybrid 365 Area Light.  This game-changing technology leverages both solar and line voltage to power bright LED area lights while minimizing energy consumption.  “I am proud of our entire organization for the amount of effort, research and development it has taken to introduce yet another first to market product, unlike any other” said Tim Taylor, CEO.

Hybrid 365 has an intelligent control module that knows to switch from cost-free solar power to line voltage only when the battery is depleted.   David Gershaw, Chief Innovation Officer added – “the dual power source technology has never been done before now, we are excited to have a unique all-in-one design that will deliver guaranteed light 365 days of the year regardless of weather conditions.”

In addition to being easy to install and operate with a variety of bracket choices and operating modes, the Hybrid 365 incorporates the latest in battery technology.  The long-lasting battery is fully replaceable and can charge in cold temperatures down to -4F, a range that was never possible prior to this.
LED Temporary Work Site Light - 100W