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Adjustable SLIDER BAR™ FLAT Bracket Mounts Boxes in Non-standard Cavity

Adjustable SLIDER BAR™ FLAT Bracket Mounts Boxes in Non-standard Cavity

Here’s the easy, NEAT way to mount single or two gang boxes between wood or metal studs with non-standard spacing.

Arlington’s adjustable steel SliderBar™ looks great and saves about 20 minutes per box over cutting, nailing and placing extra 2x4s.

The flat SL18F adjusts to fit between studs spaced 12 to 18 inches apart. SL24F fits 15 to 24 inch spacing. Both allow installers to position one or multiple boxes where needed, on ONE or BOTH sides of SliderBar ...even facing in opposite directions on a 2x6.
Punched pilot holes on each side of SliderBar make for easy attachment of box(es). An interlocking tab stop prevents accidental disassembly. And bending guides on bracket ends assure proper positioning on the studs.

For added convenience, 18 and 24 inch adjustable SliderBar with FLAT brackets – come with a steel mounting bracket for installing most metal boxes, as well as our plastic SLB101 and SLB102 boxes, on the bar. The bracket works with almost any metal box. And if you need to add another box to SliderBar, use another SL18BKT mounting bracket.

  • Metal boxes mounted on SliderBar are rated for non-metallic as well as MC, AC and Flexible Metal Clad cable
  • Holds up to a 6 lb fixture or receptacle in a ceiling installation

Slide the box-bracket assembly into the SliderBar channel BEFORE bending the bracket ends.
Temporarily attach box to bar. Bend SliderBar bracket ends 90°, forward or back. Bend bracket ends again at the mark for desired wall board thickness.

Mount SliderBar on studs with #8 x 1/2" screws. Position box on bar. Tighten screws inside box to secure it in place.

Use a SL18BKT mounting bracket to add another metal box to SliderBar.

Flat SliderBar is the answer to easy box installation in a stud cavity with non-standard spacing.

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