Bergen Industries, Inc.
A New Way To Stay Plugged In

A New Way To Stay Plugged In

Bergen's heavy duty, all-weather cords are manufactured to withstand general and outdoor use.

The TPE thermoplastic elastomer insulated and jacketed cord is resistant to oil, moisture, chemicals, abrasion, dust, dirt, and prolonged sun exposure. It also remains flexible and tangle-free under all weather conditions and won't become stiff or crack in cold weather, making it very suitable for rugged use outdoors.

It is rated for temperatures from -58° F to +221° F; perfect for a variety of garage, shop, farm, or ranch applications. The 12/3 AWG cable reduces voltage drop and features a 3-pronged plug. It is rated for up to 300V and is ETL approved. Single Tap and Triple Tap available in a variety of sizes.
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