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The Latest Caséta Aesthetic

The Latest Caséta Aesthetic

The Diva smart dimmer and Claro smart switch feature an intuitive style that matches existing paddle switches in the home. The Diva Smart Dimmer and Claro smart switch can be installed for single pole and 3-way/multi-location control capability with wired (Claro accessory switch) and wireless (Pico remote) options.

The latest wireless option to create a new, easy 3-way with a matching aesthetic is now here with the new Pico paddle remote. Designed to match the classic style and feel, as well as offer the simple user experience, of the Claro smart switch, and other existing paddle light switches. When paired exclusively with the Diva smart dimmer: Tap once for preset slider level, double tap for full brightness; When paired to other smart devices: tap top once for on, tap bottom once for off. Mount on almost any wall surface with a wall mount bracket (PICO-WBX-ADAPT) to add a 2nd “switch” anywhere you need it – no cutting holes or pulling wire required (easy wireless 3-way).

The Claro smart accessory switch allows you both flexibility and control in a wired 3-way option without compromising style. Seamlessly matches the design of the Diva smart dimmer and Claro smart switch and can be used for up 10 locations. Offers smart features with additional points of control when connected to the Diva smart dimmer such as: Tap once to return to the slider preset level, tap twice to go to full brightness, and hold off for slow fade to off. If connected to the Claro smart switch, simply tap the paddle to turn the light on and tap the bottom to turn off.

The Diva smart dimmer, Claro Switch, and accessory switch are available in 6 gloss colors –White, Black, Light Almond, Ivory, Brown, and Gray. The Pico paddle remote is available in White.

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