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Introducing the Lutron Pico Line-Powered Wireless Control!

Introducing the Lutron Pico Line-Powered Wireless Control!

Lutron just launched the Pico line-powered wireless control for commercial projects that require a battery-free option.

Lutron’s new Pico line-powered wireless control provides the same capability as a Pico wireless remote in projects that require battery-free wall controls. The line-voltage-powered device communicates wirelessly via RF to Vive wireless load-control devices including dimmers, switches, and fixture & receptacle controls.

  • Supports applications that may require compliance to 2023 NEC, 210.70
  • This control requires connection to line voltage for power, but needs no wires for communication.
  • Vive systems and compatible controls, including:
    • Maestro Wireless controls
    • PowPak modules
    • Wireless fixture controls
    • Wireless receptacle controls
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Available in gloss finishes (white, black, light almond, ivory)
  • TAA compliant

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