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Prevent Air Infiltration around Round Ceiling Boxes

Prevent Air Infiltration around Round Ceiling Boxes

Arlington’s round vapor barrier cover prevents air infiltration around single gang ceiling boxes, without the need for a gasket.

Designed for new work, VBR1 installs on most round or octagonal, plastic or steel ceiling boxes. It’s also suitable for wall mount installations.

Installation is easy. Use #8-32 screws (not supplied) in the device screw holes to temporarily hold VBR1 in place during the installation of 1/2" or 5/8" drywall. Once the drywall’s installed remove these screws and install the fixture or fan.

You can also use the flashed-over holes in the flange to hold the vapor barrier cover in place.

Economical – No gasket required

Helps meet energy saving codes where applicable

We make retrofitting easy
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