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RadioRA 3 - New Products Available to Order

RadioRA 3 - New Products Available to Order

Introducing the RadioRA 3 Outdoor Plug-In Switch and the Sunnata RF Hybrid Keypads- a new line of innovative products  with key features that give homeowners total connected control of indoor and outdoor lights.

The RadioRA 3 Outdoor Plug-in-Switch is designed for on/off control of outdoor lights, small pumps and motors and best of all it is built to withstand the elements with proven reliability even in the most severe weather conditions. No need for manual time-clock adjustment; it stays on the right schedule year-round even after power outages and as the seasons change.

The Radio RA3 Sunnata RF Hybrid Keypads have both dimmer and keypad functionality all in one device – ideal for retrofit applications, eliminating the need to add an extra gang to the wallbox.

The RA3 line of Sunnata RF keypads for are the first of its kind to feature the elegance of the Sunnata light bar allowing the user to customize preferred brightness. One keypad can control a group of devices and transform a space into a comfort zone by activating scenes, like pre-set levels of light, music and more.
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