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FIBERHUBB Fiber Optic Solution Set

FIBERHUBB Fiber Optic Solution Set

Hubbell Premise Wiring is pleased to announce the FIBERHUBB Fiber Optic Solution Set. The FIBERHUBB Solution encompasses all your fiber optic physical layer needs for a complete digital infrastructure solution.

Today we would like to announce the FIBERHUBB N Series - Fiber Panels and Adapters. These all Zirconia Ceramic panels are manufactured in the USA to the tightest tolerances and perform to the highest standards. These LGX panels are sturdy metal plate construction with a high-quality black powder coat finish. The N-Series panels and adapters are available in the color and connector configuration to meet all of your project needs.

FIBERHUBB N Series - Fiber Panels and Adapters are fully compatible with the FIBERHUBB FCR, FTR and FPR rack mount enclosures as well as the FIBERHUBB FCW and FTU wall mount enclosures. The FIBERHUBB N series is part of the complete Fiber Optic Solution Set offered by Hubbell Premise Wiring which includes Fiber Optic Cable and Connectors that meet the most demanding industry standards.

“FIBERHUBB marks the beginning of many new things to come for Hubbell’s end-to-end fiber solutions, backed by a 25-year Mission Critical® warranty. Look to Hubbell Premise Wiring for more announcements as we continue to demonstrate our commitment to become your fiber connection.” says Chris Cook, Director Fiber Products and Solutions for Hubbell Premise Wiring.

Hubbell Premise Wiring has the most complete End to End Digital Infrastructure solution set in the industry including Fiber, Copper, Metals, Delivery Systems and Grounding and Bonding.

For more information about the newly expanded fiber interconnect line from Hubbell Premise Wiring, contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit
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