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Emerson De-Icing System Prevents Costly Damage to Roofs Caused by Snow and Ice Accumulation

Emerson De-Icing System Prevents Costly Damage to Roofs Caused by Snow and Ice Accumulation

Emerson's EasyHeat™ RG Trace Cable De-Icing System is helping commercial building managers avoid problems caused by ice accumulation on roofs, and in gutters and downspouts. Left unchecked, ice dams foster melt water migration and accumulation, resulting in leaks, structural damage, and with enough load, a collapsed roof. By providing a pathway for meltwater to flow freely, from the roof to the ground, the EasyHeat RG Trace Cable De-Icing System is an investment that pays dividends every winter.

The EasyHeat RG Trace Cable De-Icing System includes everything necessary for a complete, efficient and hassle-free installation:

  • Cut-to-length RG Trace cables, delivering 12 watts per foot output needed to accommodate larger commercial gutters and downspouts;
  • EasyHeat Controls to sense both moisture and temperature, optimizing power consumption;
  • Downspout hangers, power connection kits and end-seals necessary to safely complete the system.

Exceptionally versatile, the system is suitable for use on asphalt or wood shingles, metal roofing, synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, modified bitumen ("membrane"), virtually all types of roofing material.

Being self-regulating, the cable automatically varies its heat output as the surrounding temperature changes. The outer jacket is both waterproof and UV resistant to withstand harsh weather conditions for years, while a tinned copper braid installed over two protective inner jackets provide a safe, continuous ground path. RG Trace is available to order on reels up to 1,000 ft, for cut-to length convenience in the field.

Icicles have been known to shatter the windows and dent cars parked nearby when they’ve broken free, In addition, icicles are visual evidence of ice dam formation, and the primary cause of leaky and/or overloaded roofs

By opening a pathway from the heated part of the roof to the ground, EasyHeat RG Trace Cable Systems prevent icicles from forming, providing commercial grade protection year after year.
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